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Two Wheeler

In earlier days, two wheelers were often looked upon as the congestion vehicles . However, the present few years witnessed the notable spike in the sales of two wheelers. The popularity of the vehicle is due to its convenience and affordability.

They also have their advanced editions in the version of racing bikes. Keeping in mind the health of the environment, many two wheeler companies have launched electric motor bikes. It is a remarkable approach making fuel technology more sustainable. They have little maintenance costs. Compared to other eco-friendly vehicles, they have little to no maintenance.

The battery does not take much time to charge due to its small size.

Key benefits of owning a two-wheeler

The two wheelers are the most convenient form of transport. It has the capability of smoothly gliding through traffic jams.

Some other exceptional benefits of the two-wheeler are:

Easy Manoeuvring –
Unlike four- wheeler, it is easy to learn two-wheeler driving. They are also easy to manoeuvre. The emerging competition in this field has resulted in assorted models.

These bike models (looks and specifications) are also produced to cater the taste of various customers.

Tax Exempted –
Two wheelers are not chargeable for toll tax. One of the major reasons is their size, which is less than the size of a small car. Their volumes on the highway are negligible. Due to their light-weight they do not imply much stress on the road.

Thus, toll tax is exempted to reduce the burden of the owner. According to the experts, the owner of a motor bike has a lower financial capacity as compared to a sedan owner.

Time-Saving –
When you are stuck in heavy traffic, a two-wheeler is the saviour! It will save a significant portion of time in commuting from one place to another. It is ideal for short-distance communication. Thus, experts suggest that when commuting from one place to another in a haste, there is no substitute for a two-wheeler.

They reduce traffic jams and congestion on the roads.

Better Prospect of Adventure –
Nothing can be more adventurous than riding a bike. Be it exploring the mountain trails or patrolling along the sea shore, the adventurous feel that a two-wheeler brings is explicable. You get to enjoy the optimum view while sightseeing through a bike.

Bikes are easy to travel. They are easy to tackle even on the most difficult road tracks.

Easy Parking –
It saves on parking. You do not have to take much headache while parking your vehicle as it requires very little space. It solves the issues related to parking in a high-traffic zone. Hence, you can take your two-wheeler anywhere and everywhere on the road.

Why should you buy two wheeler Insurance?

Policylobby.com insurance covers all your financial losses in time of any crisis. An on road bike needs insurance due to the following reasons:

Preventing unforeseen Emergencies –
Accidents never inform anyone about its arrival. It can cause death or injury of the drivers. Besides, there can be severe damages to the vehicle or the third party happens to be present there. However, if the vehicle has insurance, it is prepared to confront any on road risks.

A Mandatory Formality –
The law has made it compulsory to enrol the tippers under insurance coverage. The owners whose tippers do not possess any insurance policy are subjected to penalty under law. To choose the types of coverage and other details click here.

Avoiding Financial Losses –
Two wheelers are primarily used for commercial purposes such as construction. Hence, in case of any damage it can incur huge financial expense. To avoid this kind of situation, the vehicle must possess a proper insurance plan.