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School/Staff Bus insurance

School/Staff Bus insurance

School or staff bus insurance acts as a shield against any abrupt incident like theft or on-road accident. These vehicles are generally used for carrying staff or students from their residences to offices or school respectively. Hence, ensuring their securities and the safeties should be given first priority.

Is availing School/Staff Bus Insurance tough?

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Perks of School/Staff Bus Insurance

The outstanding benefits of the availing this insurance are as follows:

  • Offers coverage even in the case of third-party involvement that is in case of like injury of third-party or death of the person.
  • If the driver suffers injury or dies while driving the school/staff bus.
  • Incidents like vandalism, fire, theft, etc., also come under the insurance coverage.

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Types of Insurances

School/staff buses are the convenient means of transportation. It is cheap and a person/student does not have the headache of reaching office/school on time. Usually, there are two types of insurance policies. The details of the policies are given below:

Third-party – This policy is only applicable for the third-parties. If during an accident a third-party dies or gets injured, the coverage will reimburse the losses. In case of the death of the third-party, the family of the person will get the money.

However, the policy will not take any responsibility of the damages incurred to your vehicle. You must know that third-party insurance is mandatory in India. It makes the vehicle owner financially secure from the third-party claim (if any), if the vehicle commits any fault.

All-in-one Insurance – It is the best policy. The policy covers all damages including the third-party incidents. The benefit of opting for this plan is if your vehicle is at fault, you do not have to incur any additional expenses from your pocket.

The insurance coverage will take care of all the expense related to the damage.

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Significance of School/Staff Bus Insurance

The primary reason of school/staff bus insurance is that it acts as a protective shield. The other significant reasons are:

  • This insurance offers security to the students and the passengers.
  • Most of the school/staff buses function under a lease or contract period. The respective school or office look after this contract as they take responsibilities on behalf of the organization. The charter bus does not fulfill this anyone. Hence, imposing proper security matters.
  • These buses need responsible drivers. Thus, taking up the liability of the person along with the passengers and the students are essential.
  • The vehicles are different from other conventional vehicles because it belongs to the public carrying vehicle. Thus, it is quite different from private cars.
  • The seating capability of a school/staff bus is different. A driver requires a commercial permit along with the driving license to drive this vehicle.

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