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Passengers carrying Vehicle Insurance

What is passenger-carrying vehicle protection?

Passenger-carrying vehicle insurance is a type of business vehicle insurance that protects any business vehicle that are used to transport people from one place to another.

This passenger-carrying vehicle protection safeguards the vehicle from harm and misfortunes that could emerge if there should be an occurrence of a mishap, regular catastrophe, or fire, among other unexpected occasions.

The most widely recognized kinds of passenger-carrying vehicle insurance contracts incorporate transport protection, van protection, taxi/taxi protection, and auto cart protection, among others.

Types of Passenger Carrying Vehicles Covered:

Taxis, Cabs, and Commercial Cars: Cabs and commercial cars such as your daily uber, ola, and other private cars used for commercial, public transportation can be covered under a passenger carrying vehicle insurance.


ZSecurity from Unforeseen Losses – Whether it is because of a characteristic disaster, mishap, impact, or even a fire; a traveler conveying vehicle protection makes up for these questionable misfortunes, and consequently safeguards your business from being at risk.

Consent to the Law – According to the Motor Vehicle Act, it is mandatory for all vehicles including ones utilized for business purposes to be safeguarded with at minimum a fundamental, outsider engine protection to assist with shielding one from misfortunes and harms caused to any outsider; like an individual, property or vehicle.

Covers for Owner Driver:– Ensuring your business vehicle with a traveler conveying vehicle protection doesn’t just safeguard the vehicle be that as it may, likewise covers for the proprietor driver.

Traveler Protection - While purchasing a traveler vehicle, one can likewise pick to cover for their travelers; consequently, being a dependable business that really focuses on oneself as well as for every one of its partners included.

What Are The Different Types of Policies Available?

Along with the mandated third-party liability policy, insurance providers offer other types of coverage for your Passenger Carrying Vehicle.

Third-party Liability - This policy covers financial liability that may arise from damage, injury, or death in case a third party is involved.

Comprehensive Coverage - This type of policy includes the third-party liability cover along with an own-damage cover that protects against costs arising from damage to your own vehicle. The damage may be because of natural or man-made calamities, or an accident.

Add-ons - Insurance companies offer add-ons that are not a part of a regular package or third-party liability policy. The aim of add-on covers is to enhance the protection that is offered under a regular policy to tailor it to suit your requirements. While this may result in a higher premium, the coverage it offers is also significantly higher than that of a normal policy.

What’s covered in a Passenger Carrying Vehicle Insurance?

Accidents - Damages and losses caused to the passenger-carrying vehicle in an unfortunate case of an accident.

Theft - Any damages and losses caused to the passenger-carrying vehicle due to theft.

Fire - Any damages or losses caused to the passenger-carrying vehicle in the case of a fire.

Personal Accident - Covers for any personal injuries or death of the owner-driver of the passenger-carrying vehicle.

Natural Disasters - Any damages and losses caused to the passenger-carrying vehicle due to floods, earthquakes, and other natural calamities.

Third-Party Losses - Covers for losses and damages caused to a third-party vehicle, property, or person due to the passenger-carrying, in the case of an accident or collision.

What’s not covered?

It is similarly essential to realize what’s not canvassed in your traveler conveying vehicle insurance contract with the goal that there are no curve balls when you make a case. Here are whatever circumstances:

Own Harms for an Outsider Strategy Holder - On the off chance that you’ve bought just an Outsider Traveler Vehicle Insurance Contract, your own harms and misfortunes will not be covered.

Plastered Driving, or Driving Without a legitimate Permit - In the case during a case, the driver-proprietor is viewed as without a legitimate driver’s permit or affected by liquor then the case will not be endorsed.

Contributory Carelessness - Any harms or misfortunes caused to the vehicle because of contributory carelessness will not be covered. For instance, on the off chance that there are existing floods in the city, one actually drives the vehicle notwithstanding being prescribed not to.

Weighty Harms - Any harms or misfortunes that aren’t because of a mishap, normal catastrophe, or fire can’t be covered.